We are blue gold holdings

We are a company with a passion for protecting the precious water resources of Africa.

Blue Gold Holdings is a South African company with extensive expertise in providing innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions to clients across Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to be a leader in implementing sustainable water, wastewater and renewable energy infrastructure in Africa while playing a role in protecting of the continent’s water resources.

The need to implement wastewater treatment solutions has never been greater than it is today. This is further amplified by the rapid rate of urbanisation as more people move to cities which adds more strain to the already strained wastewater infrastructure in most parts of Africa. Treating the wastewater to safe standards before it is discharged to rivers and oceans will protect these precious ecosystems. We are aware that current water and wastewater treatment challenges require new solutions since the past technologies are rarely able to meet increasing standards.

Blue Gold’s solutions are able to treat the wastewater to standards that are safe for reuse in agricultural or industrial processes and even for human consumption.

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